Comparison of IoTic with controllers

Parameter IoTik 32A IoTik 32B Arduino UNO R3 Wemos D1 R1/R2
Microcontroller ESP32 (ESP-WROOM-32) ATmega328P ESP8266E (ESP 12-E)
Processor bitness 32 bits 8 bits 32 bits
Number of CPU cores 2 1 1
Clock rate 80 ... 240 MHz 16 MHz 80 ... 160 MHz
Built-in ROM 448 Kb No No
Built-in RAM 520 Kb 2 Kb 160 Kb
Built-in RAM in real time hours RTC FAST 8 Kb No No
Built-in RAM in real time hours RTC SLOW 8 Kb No No
One-time eFuse programmable memory 1 Kb 0.003 Kb No
Non-volatile Flash memory 4 Mb 32 Kb 4 Mb
Non-volatile EEPROM memory Instead, 4 MB non-volatile memory is used 1 Kb No
Additional coprocessor Yes, ULP (ultra low power coprocessor) No No
Wireless Wi-Fi interface Yes, 802.11 b/g/n No Yes, 802.11 b/g/n
Maximum data transfer rate 150 Mbps No 72.2 Mbps
Wi-Fi operating frequency range 2.4 … 2.5 GHz No 2.4 … 2.5 GHz
Wireless Bluetooth interface Yes, v4.2 BR/EDR и BLE No No
Maximum data transfer rate 4 Mbps No No
Audio codecs support Yes, CVSD, SBC No No
Built-in temperature sensor Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Hall Sensor Yes No No
Number of I/O port outputs 14 + 4 with ADC + 2 ADC only 14 + 6 with ADC 11
Analog-to-digital converte Yes, SAR Yes, SAR Yes, SAR
ADC bitness 12 bits 10 bits 10 bits
Number of ADC inputs 6 6 1
Digital-to-analog converter Yes No No
DAC bitness 8 bits No No
Number of DAC outputs 2 No No
UART Interface Yes, 3 шт. (на плате обозначено 2, могут использоваться любые порты) Yes, 1 pc. Yes, 2 pcs. (only one accessible)
I2C Interface Yes, 2 pcs. (1 is labeled on the board, any ports can be used)) Yes, 1 pc. Yes, software, any ports can be used
SPI Interface Yes, 4 pcs. (1 is labeled on the board, any ports can be used) Yes, 1 шт. Yes, 2 pcs. (only one accessible)
I2S Interface Yes, 2 pcs. (not labeled on the board, any ports can be used) No Yes, 1 pc.
PWM controller Yes (any ports can be used) Yes, 6 ports Yes, 4 ports
Possibility to connect a memory card No, external adapter only Yes, MicroSD, 4-bit mode, up to 32 GB No, external adapter only No, external adapter only
Infrared signal receiver No Yes, 38 kHz No No
Powered by USB Yes, 5 V Yes, 5 V Yes, 5 V
USB connector type Type B Type B Micro USB
Powered by an external source Yes, 8 … 30 V Yes, 6 … 20 V Yes, 9 … 24 V
Possibility to turn the power on/off No Yes, with the help of the button you can turn an external power supply 8 ... 30 V on/off, the power from USB is not affected No No
Maximum current consumption from USB 1 A No data No data
Maximum load current of 5V voltage converter from an external source 5 A 1 A No data
Maximum load current of 3.3 V voltage converter 1 A 0.15 A 0.5 A
Protection against incorrect polarity when powered from an external source Yes Yes Yes
Short circuit protection Yes Yes, but does not work No data
Operating temperature range -40 … +85 ºC No data No data
Controller board dimensions 68.6 x 53.3 x 15.8 mm 68.6 x 53.3 mm 68.6 x 53.4 mm
Mounting hole diameter 3.2 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm

IoTik 32B